Only eggs, butter, sugar, flour, lemon peel and here is the way todo tart.

Also at Breakfast

The todo tarts are an excellent accompaniment to your breakfast in the morning or after dinner with family or friends and are maintained throughout the week and beyond.

At Nutella

You can choose from a variety of jams, from raspberries to blueberries, from cherries to apricots, even the one with nutella.

Other types of cakes ..

Todo way also prepares cakes to apples, pear and chocolate cakes, coconut cakes or walnuts or pine nuts and all strictly artisanal.

Only fresh products in Todo way pies.

For over 10 years todo modo prepares delicious pies very appreciated by its varied clientele. The standard size of the pies is 24 cm in diameter and you can get 8/10 slices.

Todo Modo proposes its tarts in its most varied variations:

– with jam
– with fresh fruit and custard
– with pears and chocolate cream
– with mascarpone and custard with chocolate chips